Dubai Miracle Garden

    Miracle Garden is one of a kind in the region and in the world for such a unique display and extravagant outdoor recreational destination.

  • alhayerreasthousefeat

    Al Hayer Rest House

    Beautification of surroundings of municipality’s Garden Section building and entrance of Al Hayer Rest House was done. Topiary structures and decorative boulders were used in landscape development of 40, 000 sq.m. area.

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  • neimainterchangefeat

    Neima Interchange Area

    Design and execution was done for landscape development of Neima Interchange Area. The scope of work included installation of irrigation system, earth work, civil works, landscape works, etc.

  • siehgharabahpalacefeat

    Sieh Gharabah Palace

    The scope of work covered conceptual design, detailed design, final design, execution of the development plan for the areas of importance inside Sieh Gharabah Palace. VIP entrance lounges, rest areas and guest areas were part of the development. Complete infrastructure was designed and developed for the project.

  • waganmunicipalitygroundsfeat

    Al Wagan Municipality Grounds

    Development of Area Around Al Wagan Municipality Building

  • childrenplaygrounds

    Children Playgrounds

    Construction of Children Playgrounds in Ten Different Locations.

  • alwaganparksfeat

    Family Parks in Al Wagan

    Vide the modern concept for recreational facilities and parks and as to make the park more spacious, approachable and more beautiful, three family parks were developed and all soft landscape works, hard landscape works, civil works, irrigation works, and electromechanical works were done by AKAR. Other facilities such as play equipment, lighting system, furniture and coolers were installed.

  • islamiccenterfeat

    Sohail Al Khaili Islamic Center

    Sohail Al Khaili Islamic Center and Mosque is considered to be one of the biggest Islamic centers in UAE. Design and material been used in the project was carefully chosen keeping in consideration the consistency of landscape and hardscape elements with building design and arts.

  • chessplayfeat

    Chess Playgrounds

    AKAR has successfully completed construction of outdoor chess playgrounds at six different locations in the city. The scope of work included granite flooring, storage areas, aluminum covers, chess pieces etc. All the six playgrounds exist in six different places.

  • damasislandfeat

    Damas Island in Zakher

    Development of median area (3km long) between co-operative R/A and Nadi R/A with installation of irrigation infrastructure, topiary structures and arrangement of ornamental trees.

  • alhayerparkfeat1

    Al Hayer Park

    Major change of park with induction of new elements like shade structures, play equipment, BBQ facilities, picnic shelter, streetscape, lighting system, football playground, jogging track and nursery, etc. One of the landmark projects in Al Hayer District, providing all facilities and amusement to the visitors.

  • alhayermunicipalitygroundsfeat

    Al Hayer Municipality Grounds

    Access roads to the municipality, entrance area, boundary wall, adjacent areas and areas on either sides of roads along municipality were developed by AKAR which involved usage of artificial grass and mulch as to save water resource and attain sustainable landscape around the offices of governing body

  • footballfeat1

    Artificial Grass Football Field

    AKAR has previlige to be pioneer in the construction and installation of FIFA approved artificial grass in thirteen (13) different playgrounds in the city

  • nahyanfeat

    Nahyan Bin Zayed Al Awwal Road (Nadi R/A to Horse R/A)

    Development of median area (1.8km long) between Nadi R/A and Horse R/A (also known as Police Station Road). The scope of work included irrigation infrastructure, arrangement of ornamental trees and flowering plants.

  • nabbaghfeat

    Nabbagh Chalets

    A highly significant project involving construction of swimming pool, waterfall, artificial lake, football playground, jogging track, decorative, retaining wall, pool deck, furniture, parking areas, topiary structures, wooden bridges, etc.

  • alfaqafeat

    Al Faqa Park

    Al Faqa Park and it’s surrounds were developed by carrying out soft landscape, hard landscape, irrigation works, civil works, lighting system, garden furniture, shading structures, BBQ facilities, toilet blocks, sanitation works and electromechanical works.

  • shuwaibrafeat

    Roundabouts in Al Shuwaib

    Nine roundabouts of Al Shuwaib community underwent development by AKAR and elements such as artificial grass and gravel / mulch were used, due to non-availability of water source. The roundabouts were designed in the way to minimize maintenance activities in far located community

  • madamroadfeat

    Madam Road (Al Hayer)

    Development and beautification of Al Madam roadside (4k) from Al Shuwaib roundabout up to entrance of palaces. Hardscape elements like artificial grass, gravel, mulch were chosen for laying in the area under development.

  • zakhermainroadfeat

    Zakher Main Road Project

    Development of 12km Zakher Main Road including works in median and roadsides. Scope of work included irrigation system installation, soft landscape works and hard landscapes works.

  • mubazzarahtfeat

    Green Mubazzarah

    Green Mubazzarah, the largest green area in Al Ain City is one of the most tourist attractive spot in UAE. Green Mubazzarah is bench mark of Al Ain City with 0.5 million sq.m. grass area, 1.5 million sq.m. ground-cover and hot water wells. The water temperature for the water from wells is more than 55°C and is used for swimming pools and artificial lake having a diameter of 700 m. We are proud to serve this project and to have it in our profile..

  • dubairoadfeat

    Al Ain Dubai Road

    AKAR was assigned to execute development of infrastructure, landscape, hardscape, irrigation and electromechanical works for median, roadside and interchanges of Al Ain – Dubai Road. The project extended between Masakin area and Al Faqa area (65 km) which reflects the scale of the project.

  • agripestfeat

    Agricultural Pest Control

    One of the strategical project of Abu Dhabi Government for pest control in oasis and houses for the north zone of Al Ain City extended over an area of more than 80km x 70km. AKAR is using latest pest control technology and equipments with IPM program covering around 1 million palm trees.

  • alwaganomfeat

    Operation and Maintenance of Al Wagan Sector

    Operation and maintenance of all the assets of the project which include 25 water reservoirs, 43 bore wells, 120,000 sq.m. of grass, 3,000 palm trees, 16,000 ornamental trees, shrubs, hedges, ground-covers, hardscape features and lighting system. The work force appointed for this huge project exceeds 200.

  • zakherom01

    Operation and Maintenance of Zakher Sector

    Operation and maintenance of all the assets of the project which include 50 water reservoirs, 66 bore wells, 800, 000 sq.m. of grass, 55, 000 palm trees, 150,000 ornamental tressm 1,030,000sq.m. of ground-covers, flower areas, shrubs, hedges, hardscape features fountains and lighting system. The work force appointed for this huge project exceeds 400.

  • alhayeromfeat

    Operation and Maintenance of Al Hayer Sector

    Operation and maintenance of all the assets of the project which include 31 water reservoirs, 105 bore well, 80,000 sq. m of grass, 3,000 palm trees, 50,000 ornamental trees, flower areas, shrubs, hedges, groundcovers, hardscape features and lighting system. The work force appointed for his huge project exceeds 200.