Al Ain Paradise originally opened in 2010 to 2012 in a 7,000 square-metre space in Zakher, Al Ain; home to approximately 10 million colorful flowers in different types. It was one of the most famous attraction in Al Ain known as an Oasis City of the Emirates for 2 consecutive years.


Al Ain Paradise is state of the art project in Abu Dhabi region which holds 2 Guinness World Records “The Largest Display of Hanging Basket Arrangement” full of colorful flowers arranged in a fabulous manner which incorporated all modern landscaping methods and devised unique irrigation methods to keep the flowers in bloom for most of the year. This was a project that went as an example to what parks, gardens and streets can look like.


The garden was worthy of being called a paradise considering that most of the visitors said it was a unique experience to see millions of flowers in different colours, types, and settings — in a city known for its desert dunes and an arid environment.


It was highly significant project which attracts nearly one million visitors annually from different parts of the world.




For those who missed and didn’t have the chance to see the Al Ain Paradise now’s your chance to visit the massive floral attraction Dubai Miracle Garden. Visit for information.