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Our franchisor, was founded in 1901 in United States of America. Orkin Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rollins Inc. (NYSE:ROL). Operating under the Orkin ® and Orkin-PCO ® trademarks, Orkin serves more than 1.6 million customers, both residential and commercial, through more than 400 branch offices in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Forty-seven branch offices are strictly devoted to servicing our more than 250,000 commercial clients.


Since 1901, Orkin has been behind the doors of business in every type of industry imaginable. Our specialized service for business offers customized Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs backed by the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee. Building on this experience, Orkin’s seasoned technicians use the latest technologies to help control pest problems. So when it comes to your business, we’re uniquely qualified to provide customized, effective pest management solutions. Why take risks when you know Orkin will apply unrivaled expertise and years of industry experience to your business?


As the industry leader in research and development, Orkin is constantly looking toward new and better control technologies and treatment techniques. And each year we strive to advance and improve our quality of service. Orkin Pest Control in UAE, is committed to continual improvement in quality, environmental, health and safety management and to ensure that services delivered meet each customers needs and expectations the first time offered and every time service is performed.


Today, Orkin Pest Control and Commercial Services is trusted by more residential and businesses than any other pest management provider in United Arab Emirates.




Rodents, ticks, ants, bed bugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies and fleas are some of the deadly pests that we certainly don’t want to reside in our houses and business Establishment. However, wherever we are these pests come uninvited. They invade our commercial establishments, conquer our houses and threaten the health of our loved-ones. These pests interrupt and annoy our lifestyle, terrorize and attack our customers, destroy and damage our properties and carry life-threatening diseases. Thus everyone needs to learn how to protect themselves and totally eliminate such danger from our environment.


Our Pest Control Professionals are composed of well trained and experienced technicians who are prepared to serve the Al Ain North Zone and Abu Dhabi Lot 3 Community. Orkin UAE is available 24/7 with Tadweer Hotline Number 800-555 to help you in every pest related and emergency situations.



Standards of Performance


Integrated Pest Management


Orkin strongly advocates the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). IPM is an environmentally responsible approach to pest management that relies on a combination of practices. IPM programs use current, comprehensive information on pest biology and their interactions with the environment. This information, in combination with the best available pest management methods, is used to manage pests by the most economical means, with minimal hazard to people, property and the environment. IPM programs take advantage of all pest management options possible, starting with non-chemical techniques, and if necessary, judiciously employing other pest control materials, always considering the least-toxic formulations first.


Understanding pest’s need is essential to implementing IPM. Pests seek habitats that provide basic needs such as food, water and shelter. Pest populations can be prevented or control by removing some of the basic elements pests need to survive, or by blocking their access into structures. Pests may be managed by other methods such as traps, vacuums or pesticides, Orkin will become your partner in identifying maintenance and sanitation opportunities that will help minimize the need for and dependence on the routine application of traditional pesticides and chemicals.


Successful Pest Control relies on an ongoing cycle of inspection, pest identification, monitoring, evaluation and selection of appropriate control methods, Routine inspection and accurate identification of pests are vital steps in IPM to ensure control methods will be effective. Once the pest is identified and the source of activity is pinpointed, habitat modifications such as exclusion, repair or sanitation efforts will greatly reduce pest presence. Information gained through a continuous monitoring program is evaluated to determine the best treatment options.



Integrated Pest Management Steps


Orkin has developed a 7 step process that will assure the effectiveness and completeness of any IPM program at any type of location. The 7 step process is designed to customize each program based on the actual structure, the nature of it’s use and utilization, its size and surrounding environment.


The outline of the 7 steps Orkin IPM system is presented here:


1. Inspection


    A comprehensive inspection is conducted at every facility. Extra attention is given to the five pest-activity zones: entry points, water sources, food sources harborage points, and customer and emplyee areas.


2. Facility Layout Analysis


    After the comprehensive inspection, all current and potential problem areas are noted. It is important to identify the operation’s traffic patterns, including the number of people who enter and exit the building every day.


3. Pest Identification


    Different types of pests require different types of treatments depending on their growth patterns and characteristics. Operators and customers must team up with facility employees to accurately report where, when, and how many pests were seen in order to help prevent infestations and control existing problems.


4. Customized Program


    There are too many variables to provide “cookie cutter” solutions for individual facilities. Location, climate, the condition of the building, and its age all play a role in determining a treatment program. A comprehensive inspection and analysis of the facility, including interviews with key employees, help Orkin develop an effective pest control program tailored to the customer.


5. Sanitation Consultation


    The focus of every IPM program is a daily sanitation schedule. That schedule directly impacts factors that contribute to pest buildup, inside and out.


6. Treatment Strategies


    Non-chemical control options are always used before chemical control options are considered.


7. Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance


    This step is absolutely essential to the success of IPM. This includes accurate reporting of pest sightings and proper documentation for clients and regulatory.


Quality Policy


Akar Orkin Pest Control is commited to satisfying customers by providing technical and functionally superior Integrated Pest Managemet Services through the highest degree of professional management.


This we shall achieve by:


  • Ensuring continual improvement in our processes and operations


  • Providing growth oriented work environment to our employees


  • Establishing and maintaining symbiotic relationship with stake holders


Food Safety Policy


Akar Orkin Pest Control is commited to:


  • Provide Ingtegrated Pest Management service to all the food processing and food storage companies in conformity with requirements of the HACCP food safety management standard.


  • Design and develop safe and hygenice operational processes suitable for delivering superior services with out adversely affecting food products.


  • Providing evidence of safe operations and safe handling of products during the entire realization process.


  • Gain customer’s confidence and satisfaction with respect to products and processes by continual improvements in food safety systems and following regulatory guidelines.


Safety, Health and Environment Policy


We at Akar Orkin Pest Control shall strive to demonstrate total commitment to excellence in Environment, Health and Safety Performance continually, through:


  • Implementation of ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 18001:2007


  • Elimination or minimization of negative environmental impacts and waste during Integrated Pest Management Services realization process and associated activities


  • Mitigation and control of petential Occupational and Health Hazards.


  • Conduct operations in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations, and other requirements, anticipat EHS issues and promote appropriate voluntary initiatives that support this policy.


  • Providing awareness among employees and stakeholders for maintaining a safe, injury free and pollution free working environment


  • Conservation of energy and natural resources


  • communicating this policy to all our employees, suppliers and to all stakeholders at large communicate a strong sense of Corporate and Social Responsibility


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