Development and Construction Principles

1. Health and Safety First
– to create a workplace and sites complying with our own set high standards and practices of health and safety
 2. Environmental Sustainability
– AKAR made it our objectives to implement all our plans with minimum impact on environment and practice environment friendly procedures
3. Conservation and Resource Management Principles
– AKAR performs various activities in perfect ways and with zern manpower hour loss and material loss. This is our objective with all jobs and projects at all times.
 4. Accuracy and Precision
– AKAR focuses on all details no matter how minute they are so the job, regardless of the size, has always a perfect outcome to the satisfaction of our Client.
5. Time and Target Oriented Approach
– at Akar, our team of engineers and their helpers work diligently to accomplish assigned tasks on time and meet targets and arising challengers with all projects.