About Us

AKAR Landscaping Services and Agriculture (AKAR) was founded in the City of Al Ain in the United Arab Emirates in the year 2001. The Company started in the Commercial Agriculture Business which supplied the local market with outdoor and commercial landscaping services. With the determination and hard work of our young AKAR team we started working on various landscaping projects which included the design, development, operation & maintenance of landscape facilities, development of commercial nurseries, pest control management and related services by utilizing the lates and most modern technology, innovative ideas & resource management. Through intensive employee training; we gained an immense experience in the field of agriculture and landscape. AKAR always stands by our services and guarantee delivery of our services at the highest quality standards to always meet and even exceed our client satisfaction.


Our architects and engineers emphasize eco-friendly systems & material which would allow us to attain sustainable landscaping facilities which performance is always at the top and the quality of our deliverables are of the best quality and always meet and sometime exceeds our clients expectations.


AKAR Landscaping Service is proud of its unique and innovative landscaping services which has been the envy of our competitors. Our infinite and creative ideas to produce innovative hardscape and softscape designs have helped us make our way to the top, making us the leading Landscaping Company here in UAE.


AKAR has many achievements and citations and on top of it we are the only landscaping company in the world who achieved Guinness Records in landscaping. Akar is the creator of unique sub surface irrigation system known as Al Ain Sub Surface Irrigation System (AASSIS) which is the patent design and it allows 80% saving in irrigation water.

To meet the needs of different project types, the business has various distinct divisions which work independently and in combination according to each client’s need.